I don’t know…

…why I’m attracted to such weird people. I mean on one hand I love tattoos and piercings and on the other hand if you’re awkward like me then it’s all good, plus I’m sapeosexual so you have to be able to hold intelligent conversation. Gender isn’t an issue for me so technically I’m bisexual but I could be pan, I’m undefined really. The one thing that will never matter to me though is colour. I see colour but I don’t list it as an attribute to what you must be whether I’m looking for a friend or something more. The amount of melanin you possess means nothing to me. At the same time I am black and proud to be so you have to understand that.

And maybe that’s my problem. That I am black and proud, that I am female, that I am a child of Africa born in a world that commands me to hate my darker skin. That I do not fear my sexuality and that I am smart and know it too. maybe it is the combination of things that make me, well me, that dictate the fact that I feel I can never be fully understood, and that I may never find my someone.



I also want my own apartment JUST so I can be naked and blast music all the time.


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Curly and coarse headed people don’t need to explain themselves to no one.

sure the fuck DON’T




If folks only knew!!!

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Don’t kill yourself, please.


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